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Fusion Hypervisor for Orchid VMS
Fusion provides a powerful VMS unification platform that offers the same ease of use and familiarity as the Orchid user interface, but extends the platform across unlimited locations, cameras, and users. Underpinning Fusion's advanced management and aggregation capabilities is Orchid VMS, a lightweight, cross-platform video recording solution that can be distributed across an almost endless variety of servers and IoT devices.

The Fusion web interface is hosted centrally within your organization or in IPConfigure's secure cloud service. As a Java-based platform, Fusion is capable of running on Windows desktop and Windows Server, Red Hat Linux Enterprise 7, Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04, CentOS 7, as well as a variety of Linux embedded devices. In the event that Fusion can no longer communicate with any of your Orchid VMS servers, Orchid operates autonomously and continues to record while remaining accessible via the standalone Orchid VMS user interface.

Using a secure reverse-proxy mechanism, Fusion provides configuration-free access to Orchid VMS servers and cameras located behind a firewall, all via secure SRTP and HTTPS encryption. This allows system operators to connect Orchid instances with Fusion across diverse network topologies, removing the need for IT intervention or special configuration.


Unified UI
Cloud Ready
Multiple Servers
Firewall Friendly
Firewall Traversal
Zero Configuration
Eliminate IT Hassles
Low Latency
SRTP Video Encryption
Cloud Ready
Reverse Proxy
Windows & Linux
Robust Java Platform

User Stage

The Fusion user interface combines the ease-of-use and simplicity of the Orchid UI with a powerful camera search mechanism. Instantly filter as many as thousands of available cameras and locations using a keyword feature that intelligently searches across server names, camera names, and stream metadata. Once identified, cameras can simply be dragged to the user stage for monitoring or playback.

The video streams you see in the Fusion UI are optimally delivered to your browser using Fusion's sophisticated routing engine. When an Orchid VMS server is not directly accessible to your browser (e.g., because it's behind a firewall), video is proxied through the Fusion server. If your web browser can communicate with an Orchid VMS server, video is delivered directly from Orchid to your client browser. This approach maximizes performance while minimizing bandwidth usage, hosting costs, and custom network configuration.

System Settings

The Fusion administrative dashboard gives operators a global view of the current status of servers and cameras, including details such as recording resolutions, frame rate, and compression settings. This page provides at-a-glance health indicators for both servers and cameras, along with a recent thumbnail snapshot.

Connecting Orchid VMS servers to Fusion is made simple through the Orchid VMS Configuration web interface. Once an Orchid VMS server registers itself with a Fusion server, a reverse tunnel is created from Orchid VMS to Fusion. This tunnel allows Fusion and Orchid VMS to exchange secure, encrypted HTTPS and SRTP data through the tunnel, eliminating the need to create and maintain firewall rules to provide access to Orchid VMS servers and cameras which are not directly accessible.


ARM or Intel Processor
Windows or Linux Server
PC, Mac, or Mobile Client
No Client License Fee
Reduced Training Cost
Free OS Option
No Client Software
Mobile & Desktop
100% Browser-based
No Software to Update
No Add-On Fees
Unlimited Users
Perpetual License
Per-Camera Licensing

Technical Capabilities

Supported Browsers
Chromes, Safari, IE, Firefox, Opera
Unlimited User Accounts with Fixed Roles
Server Operating Systems
Linux, Windows, Windows Server
Digital and Optical
Client Operating Systems
Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, OS X
Search Analysis
Timeline Bar with Motion Events
Hardware Platforms
x86_64, ARMv6, ARMv7
Simultaneous Live and Recorded
English, extensible via SDK
Export Format
Video Compression
Motion Detection
Camera Resolution
Camera Frame Rate
Health and Troubleshooting
Camera Count
Open API
Location Count
Reverse Proxy
Web Encryption
Video Encryption
All technical specifications subject to change without notice.

Download Fusion

Fusion is free to download, install, and use. To register an Orchid VMS server to Fusion, your Orchid VMS must be in trial mode or have a "Fusion" (not "Core") license. Orchid Community Editions cannot be registered to Fusion.

For more information about Fusion, or to upgrade your Orchid Core licenses to Orchid Fusion licenses, contact sales@ipconfigure.com.

For customers not able to use the most recent version of Fusion due to, e.g., an expired Orchid support agreement, back versions of Fusion are also available for download.

Fusion 1.2.3 | 2017-03-30

Platform Download Link Minimum Orchid Version
Windows 64-bit Fusion Hypervisor version 1.2.3 Orchid 1.12.2
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Fusion Hypervisor version 1.2.3 Orchid 1.12.2
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Fusion Hypervisor version 1.2.3 Orchid 1.12.2
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 64-bit Fusion Hypervisor version 1.2.3 Orchid 1.12.2
Raspbian Jessie
for Raspberry Pi
Fusion Hypervisor version 1.2.3 Orchid 1.12.2
Debian Jessie
for armhf embedded devices
Fusion Hypervisor version 1.2.3 Orchid 1.12.2

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